Sunday, March 7, 2010

AVATAR and Oscar

Avatar...a bit long but worth the wait.

Before the big night, I was determined to see the major nominee. (How could I not?) I was immediately taken with the fact that every seat was filled by the time the previews started -- for a movie that has been out for so long. And honestly, I admit, I went into this not wanting to like it -- I wanted to be completely neutral!

In all neutrality, Disney and Cameron shone through on this... Okay, Pocahontas and Lion King meet Alien (and maybe a little Star Wars). I think it was the whole Sigourney Weaver and the giant human-robot contraptions. And it was a tad bit long....

But, all that being said, it was a beautifully told story. I am a sucker for the good (nature) vs evil (corporate business) thing and this movie played it up BIG. And the world created by Cameron was awesome! I loved the creatures and the environement and the Pandorans and creatures and the special effects and did I mention the creatures. Pandora is quite a world. Seeing it in 3D certainly added to the magic. Kudos to the special effects people, the actors who pretty much acted against special green screens and animation cameras, and the imagination of Cameron for everything else.
It was certainly Best Movie worthy.

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