Friday, August 21, 2009

DVD - The Wrestler

Rourke's Comeback (Rated R) 109 min

I grew up watching Saturday wrestling - it usually signaled the end of the morning cartoons - and if my bowl of cereal was still full I hung around for either Roller Derby or Wrestling. Back then it was Andre the Giant and George "The Animal". Then in the 80s I watched Mickey Rourke (Diner, 9 1/2 Weeks, Pope of Greenwich Village). He was handsome and quietly sexy. And like the wrestlers, he followed some path that allowed my attention to wander to other things.
This movie shows us what happened after we looked away.
Mickey Rourke plays an aging wrestler looking for the personal connections in his life--first with Marissa Tomei as a stripper Cassidy/Pam who faces the same dilemma -- then with his estranged daughter, played by Evan Rachel Wood.
A poignant story of aging out of a profession and possibly, a life...
Check it out.

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