Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NOT SO Funny People

Funny People - Rated R - 2hr 16 min (too long)
WOW - I think I went into this movie thinking it would be funny (based on those hysterical trailers) and lo and behold they were the funniest parts of the movie - and boy, do I hate that ! With so many funny people in this movie I guess my expectations were really high. What a drag! For the entire 2+ long hours, we were treated to more male genetalia references than I could bear. Do guys really talk like this when they're together? It came off like a movie made by a bunch of friends that only their friends would think was funny. hmmm.
Adam Sandler plays a comedian/actor (much like himself) who finds out he is possibly dying and goes back to stand up and the girl he did wrong. Seth Rogen is a part time stand up that Sandler hires to write jokes for him and act as his assistant. The lines blur between employee and only friend as Sandler tries to find the right path to his off-track life.
Too few funny one liners and a running time that could definitely do with some editing made this a hold out for free tv.

Comments about the cast...
I admit that I have never been a great fan of Sandler's comedy movies, though I enjoyed the Wedding Singer and Click. I think it's always been up and down with his movies--liked it or hated it.
But, I have always maintained that comedians make the best dramatic actors (like Robin Williams). My favorite Sandler movie is 2007's "Reign Over Me" - catch it on DVD. In this one, he wasn't too funny or too dramatic.

Seth Rogen reminds me of old school funny. Well, not too old school -- more along the lines of Albert Brooks (Broadcast News, Finding Nemo) -- that self depracating, emotionally invested, dead pan comedy, which I really enjoy. I like him.

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