Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Ugly Truth is Beautiful to Watch

The Ugly Truth (2009) 1hr 37 min Rated-R
I admit I do not usually go in for chick-flicks, but I gotta say this one was good. And more than that, I think the guys who get dragged along will enjoy the male perspective on it, too! Watching Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler together was easy and the laughs were all there. The timing is perfect -- not drawn out -- just right. Light fare, funny, I recommend it.

Both of these actors are busy this summer... Heigel is back filiming Grey's Anatomy and Butler has another movie - Gamer - a futuristic world where humans control prisoners in a mass-scale gaming environment. Star player (Butler) looks for freedom from the games' twisted mastermind played by Michael C. Hall (Dexter) -- due out September 4th.


  1. I really love Gerard Butler too. I really planned on going to see this in the movie theaters but Katherine Heigel gets on my nerves. She goes on all these talk shows complaining about her 17 hour days working on the new season of Grey's Anatomy. Isn't she in a coma? How hard can that be? And how much money is she making??? Oh please!!
    I may be the only person on earth who has not read any of Harry Potter books or seen one of the movies. The only sorceror in my world is Mickey Mouse. This summer I have been drawn to the stage-musical and theatrical. However -I do want to see the Julia Child movie.

  2. Thank you! I get to watch it tomorrow (I'm sending my kids across the hall to watch Ice Age 3) and I've been looking forward to it for months. I'm sick of reading blogs where people complain that the movie is "predictable" (of COURSE it is!!), that Meg Ryan's pretend orgasm was better (we compare those things?!?!?) etc etc. I go to laugh and salivate over Gerry. And from what I've seen from the previews, the 2 make a great couple onscreen, with fantastic timing. Can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks again for the upbeat review!