Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Odds & Ends - Dos & Don'ts

A quick summary or some quick thoughts...
Demi checked in with an "UP" review for me. Though she is halfway through her teen years and still not too old for a Pixar movie (who is?), she felt that it was definitely not a children's movie. "It was very sad, I cried a lot," she complained. Even with a thumbs up vote, she cautioned that even the pre-movie Pixar short made her a bit sad as well. She felt bad for the dark cloud. I know my oldest does tend to the more sensitive of my children, but she did enjoy the movies overall and recommended the Pixar tale.
Anyone want to weigh in?

I do not think there will be a review of either Pelham 123 or Bruno. (well, maybe, Pelham 123) but I can assure you I probably won't see Bruno. I just don't think he's funny and choose to spend the precious movie money elsewhere. Sorry if I am disappointing anyone.
Did you enjoy the Borat movie?

I am debating whether or not to see The Stoning of Soraya M as I find these types of movies very difficult to watch (Shindler's List, Kite Runner, etc.). I think they are very well done and add much cinematic value, but I generally see how I feel before buying the ticket. Luckily, I did stay through the beginning of Slumdog Millionaire, which turned out to be original and wonderful !

Stay tuned for Public Enemy (Depp as Dillinger/Bale as Purvis) and romcom The Ugly Truth (Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler). We also have the new GI Joe:The Rise of Cobra and of course, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

TV Commercial Break
Is anyone watching True Blood on HBO? I am suddenly hooked, like soap opera hooked, on this show. I watched the first season on DVD in about a week. Then read the first 4 books also in about a week... crazy the things we fall for week after week.

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