Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hmmm-Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter -- It's been a lifetime...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2 hrs 33 min / PG)
I started reading the Harry Potter books when they first came out -- to my daughter every night before bed. I read in made up voices for each character and because of her age, sometimes edited as I read.

We would attend the midnight book sales/parties and eventually the midnight movie premieres. I was so hooked on the story that even after she fell asleep, I would continue to read the book (sometimes through the night) until I was done. She'd be mad that I didn't wait for her, but I admit, I was addicted. It has therefore been our tradition to see each of the movies on the premier night--until this year. She is now 16 and we have long finished the books (or so it seems). We had to remind each other what this book was about, and even during the movie, some things were a bit fuzzy. I think at this point, we just want to see it through.

We love the characters and they are near and dear to us -- as any good book does for its readers. I marvel at dazzling special effects and these movies never disappoint -- the magic, the Quidditch matches, the wizard world. But, I accept that the characters are growing up -- it's been 7 years in their world. And now we are immersed in the more serious story of Harry Potter -- what his whole life has been leading up to and the fluffy fun stuff is gone. I think this disappointed my mother most -- she missed the fun aspect of the story.

The Hogwarts students are now experiencing teenage angst and emotions are truly emerging as life lessons are learned (laughs & broken hearts, too). If you are a fan of the series, the end is near. Enjoy yet another beautifully crafted visual of the story.
5 out of 5 tix

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