Monday, March 8, 2010

Hooray for Sandra !

Congrats Sandra Bullock -- one of my favorites both as an actress and person!

I have long followed Sandra Bullock's movie career -- I just enjoy her honest, unpretentioius, girl next door beauty! (Not to mention the fact that we are the same age and she looks great for our age--no matter what she's wearing). She has a quick dry wit that I get.

I laughed at her in Demolition Man (1993) with Sly Stallone, and marveled at her in her breakout role in Speed (1994) and admired her freshness ever since (good or bad movies). I have even watched The Net (1995) several times (it soothes my inner computer geek). She is generally the girl next door in her roles which I think is why The Blind Side finally let her shine with acting maturity.

If you are looking for a popcorn and Bullock night, try Speed, Hope Floats, and The Proposal to enjoy her range.

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  1. I love Sandra too. But I will stick with my original opinion-Blindside was a good movie uplifting and restored ones faith in mankind but Oscar worthy? Precious was so hard to watch but the acting was great! I can't help but draw parallels between the characters Precious and Michael (Blind Side). If only Precious had a Leigh Anne Tuohy -how different would her life would have been!! I also think that Monique was right- the academy needs to look at the films and judge them on merit. (not listen to the buzz going on in Hollywood and who promoted their film the best!!)