Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New Ideas

Well, I know, I know, I have been away for quite a while, but I have a very good reason! The movies this past year have not been worthy of my hard earned dollars. How can a die hard movie watcher like myself feel that way, you ask? It's just that when I plan on seeing a movie, I usually have a few on the list. I weigh the general consensus, how badly I want to see it, and the cost & then come up with the theater vs. DVD factor (or TDF as I call it). Sadly, this past year has seen the list of 'wait for DVD' grow exponentially. I'm thinking I should just do DVD reviews?
One other item that is starting to gnaw at me is that the trend toward 3D is ridiculous. How bout it, Hollywood? Let's get back to good storylines, with earnest actors, and forget the big dollar productions? Save me some bucks at the theater and maybe you will see more lines at those hallowed big screen halls. (Used to be my kids could go for $5 plus snacks, now it $20 plus snacks! -- REALLY??)
I'll be back -- Your thoughts?

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