Monday, June 8, 2009

From the Last Row...

The Summer Movie Season is already upon us and I have jumped in with both feet and a big bag of Swedish fish!
The Summer Movies are Here and while it may not be off to the hot start of last summer... here we go !

MARCH 5, 2009
The Watchmen -- the summer started early in March with The Watchmen. I enjoyed every minute of it and thought it stayed as true as movies can get to the comic novel. Jackie Earle Hailey as Walter Kovacs/Rorschach: was a great comeback role for the actor. I am a fan of the Comedian, though it's very hard to like him--Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a great job with the character. Kudos to the director for paying attention to even the slightest details in background art and minutiae. Probably one of the hardest of the dark comic genre, Watchmen profers an alternate universe set in the 1950s--1960s where superheroes were in the open and helping fight the World Wars (not always up to a "super hero" standard).

MAY 1, 2009
Up next, the highly anticipated X-Men Origins, though full of wonderful Wolverine background as expected, it left me somewhat hungry afterward. History, both Wolverine and mutant, played out without boring -- Liev Schriebner played a mean sibling in the form of Sabertooth and great characters were introduced. We were even given a glimpse of a young Cyclops. Hugh Jackman did not disappoint, he was an even better Wolverine than in previous movies. But, I felt it was light and unfulfilling.

And the highlight so far this movie season was Star Trek (in IMAX) on opening night! I have been a Star Trek fan since the original series on tv = even attended a Convention or two in my day... and I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I loved the characters -- it was amazing how well they were matched up to the original cast. I loved the quirky references to the ST-TOS and found the special effects were fantastic! A must see in IMAX.

Up next...Terminator Salvation... Hangover (?)... Taking of Pelham 123.. The Proposal...

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