Monday, June 8, 2009

DVD Alert

French Film, Tell No One (2008)
Yes, I do enjoy a good foreign film from time to time, and no, the subtitles do not bother me --they seem to fade after a while. This is especially true if the movie is that good -- and I can't say it enough -- this film was that good!
It has everything: suspense, car chases, romance, thriller, and some really good twists... Premise is that a man is suspected of his young wife's murder and picks up 8 years later when new evidence surfaces... a real must-see. Guillaume Canet’s thriller, based on the bestselling novel by Harlan Coben, features Francois Cluzet in the lead role -- worth seeing.


  1. I, Suzanne have read all of Harlan Coben's books. They are all great. Can't wait to see this movie!!

  2. And I can't wait to read the was really good! /suzanne