Saturday, June 13, 2009


This week in Entertainment Weekly - 6/12/09, an article on movies for grown-ups (Hollywood's Endangered Species) posits that dramas for adults are becomming slim pickings. It quotes "The Soloist" producer Gary Foster, "Audiences don't want to be reminded of the darkness in the world -- they want to laugh, get taken to space, watch things in museums come to life." Recent adult dramas were less than successful grossing under $50 million (ie., Duplicity, State of Play, and Frost/Nixon...).

Is that true? -- hasn't that always ben true of movies... that "take me away" aspect that comes from sitting in the dark and being truly surrounded by another reality?

Is it the fault of studio marketers -- or is it that we really want to be entertained for the money we spend? Maybe the salaries, production costs, concession stand prices have finally topped out? There are still plenty of us willing to go to see movies, but maybe we are more selective about what we view in the theater and what we are willing to wait for on DVD.

What are your thoughts...


  1. Hi sis, u know I haven't seen many movies but I'm here for u!! Happy movie reviewing!!

  2. Hey "S" good job girlfriend. I have seen Aliens vs Monsters imax 3d awesome, Battle for Tera imax very good, Night at the Museum ok, and Up just ok the 3d was not that great. You see with 3 kids under 12, my choices are limited. I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. I read the article and while they missed the point, you hit it on the head. Of course we're selective about whether we'll drop give-or-take $10 (?) per person just for admission to (as I remember) an uncontrolled environment that may have poor sound - or good sound that's ruined by talkative folks around you. And whether they want us to know or not, they count on the DVD sales to boost their total profit picture.

  4. I think we are more selective about what we are willing to spend money to see. The hubs hates the movies because we always sit next to the blue haired ladies who chat through the whole movie!!! Luckily I still get there with my daughter. Can't wait for the next installment!!
    I'll be here for you even through the foreign films and comic book movies!!! Donna

  5. Not a sci fi fan to speak of. However, I do like the super heros. Borat's fifteen minutes were up twenty minutes ago. Chick flicks are great when seen with girlfriends and preceeded by a few adult beverages. As far as vampires-I haven't seen one since Barnabus Collins. Keep it coming!